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Part Number SGN21-120H-R
Class Power GaN > GaN HEMTs for Radar
Outline / Package Code IV
Function High Voltage - High Power GaN-HEMT for Radar
Description Sumitomo Electric's GaN-HEMT SGN21-120H-R offers high power, high efficiency and greater consistency for 1.7 to 2.5 GHz applications with 50V operation. The low thermal resistance allows to use long pulse up to 5µsec pulse width with duty of 10%.
Datasheet ( PDF 248KB)

Frequency (GHz) 1.7-2.5
Pout Min. (dBm) 51
Power Gain Min. (dB) 14.5
Efficiency Typ. (%) 67.5
VDS (V) 50
IDS(DC) (A) 0.5
Rth Typ. (°C/W) 1.1
Pulse Condition Pulse width: 200µsec, Duty 10%
Note Tc(op)=+25°C

Package Information

IV Package

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