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Part Number SMM5850XZ
Class Power GaAs > C to V Band Power Amplifier MMICs (Die)
Function 31-34GHz Power Amplifier MMIC
Description The SMM5850XZ is a Driver Amp MMIC for applications in the 31 to 34GHz frequency range. This product is well suited for satellite communications, radio link and wireless communications. The flip chip die can be used in solder reflow process. Sumitomo' s stringent Quality Assurance Program assures the highest reliability and consistent performance.
Datasheet ( PDF 514KB)

Frequency Range f (GHz) 31-34
Output Power at 1dB G.C.P.P1 db dBm (Typ.) 18
Gain at 1dB G.C.P.G1dB dB (Typ.) 19
3rd. Order Intercept Point OIP3 dBm (Typ.) 27
Drain-Source Voltage VDD(V) 3
IDD (DC) Typ. (mA) 300
Drain Current at 1dB G.C.P.lDD mA (Typ.) 320
Function / Application Power Amp. Radio Link
Note Ta=+25°C

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