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Part Number SGK5254-120A-R
Class Power GaN > GaN HEMTs for Radar  > C/X
Outline / Package Code I2F
Function C-Band Internally Matched GaN-HEMT
Description The SGK5254-120A-R is a high power GaN-HEMT that is internally matched for standard communication bands to provide optimum power and gain in a 50Ω system.
Datasheet ( PDF 429KB)

Frequency f (GHz) 5.2-5.4
Pout Min. (dBm) 50
Gp Min. (dB) 11.5
ηadd Typ. (%) 47
VDS Typ. (V) 24
lDS(DC) Typ.(A) 5.3
lDS(RF) Typ.(A) 11.6
Rth Typ. (°C/W) 0.65
Operation Mode Pulse Width: 100µsec, Duty 10%
Note Tc(op)=+25°C

Package Information

I2F Package

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