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Part Number SMM5727XZ
Class Power GaAs > E-band MMICs  > PA and LNAs
Outline / Package Code WLCSP
Description The Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) is a five stage GaAs HEMT MMIC which operates between 71 and 86 GHz.
The LNA features small signal gain of 20dB, noise figure of 5dB and output power of 11 dBm at 1dB gain compression.
The flip chip die can be used in solder reflow process.
SUMITOMO’s stringent Quality Assurance Program assures the highest reliability and consistent performance.
Datasheet ( PDF 847KB)

Frequency Range f (GHz) 71-86
Noise Figure NF dB (Typ.) 5 (71-76GHz)
5.5 (81-86GHz)
Gain dB (Typ.) 21.5 (71-76GHz)
20.5 (81-86GHz)
Output Power at 1dB G.C.P. P1dB dBm (Typ.) 12 (71-76GHz)
11 (81-86GHz)
Drain-Source Voltage VDD (V) 6
Drain Current IDD mA (Typ.) 60
Function / Application LNA and DA
Note Tc=+25°C

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