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Part Number FLL400IP-2
Class Power GaAs > High Power GaAs FETs
Outline / Package Code IP
Function L-Band Medium & High Power GaAs FET
Description The FLL400IP-2 is a 35 Watt GaAs FET that employs a push-pull design which offers ease of matching, greater consistency and a broader bandwidth for high power L-band amplifiers. This product is targeted to reduce the size and complexity of highly linear, high power base station transmitting amplifiers. This new product is uniquely suited for use in PCS/PCN base station amplifiers as it offers high gain, long term reliability and ease of use.
Datasheet ( PDF 448KB)

Frequency Band L
Series FLL
P1dB Typ. (dBm) 45.5
G1db.Typ (dB) 10
η add Typ.(%) 44
Fequency f (GHz) 1.96
VDS Typ.(V) 12
lDS(DC)Typ.(mA) 2000
Rth Typ.(°C/W) 1
Note Tc(op)=+25°C

Package Information

IP Package

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