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Part Number FHX06X
Class Low-noise HEMTs > GaAs HEMTs
Function GaAs FET & HEMT Die
Description The FHX04X, FHX05X, FHX06X are High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMT) intended for general purpose, low noise and high gain amplifiers in the 2-18GHz frequency range. The devices are well suited for telecommunication, DBS, TVRO, VSAT or other low noise applications. Sumitomo Electric's stringent Quality Assurance Program assures the highest reliability and consistent performance.
Datasheet ( PDF 384KB)

Noise figure NF Typ. (dB) 1.1
Associated Gain Gas Typ. (dB) 10.5
Drain Voltage VDS (V) 2
Drain Current lDS (mA) 10
Frequency f (GHz) 12
Application Low Noise Amp
Note Tc(op)=+25°C Conventional Chip

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