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Part Number FLL177ME
Class Power GaAs > High Power GaAs FETs
Outline / Package Code ME
Function L-Band Medium & High Power GaAs FET
Description The FLL177ME is a Power GaAs FET that is specifically designed to provide high power at L-Band frequencies with gain, linearity and efficiency superior to that of silicon devices. The performance in multitone environments for Class AB operation make them ideally suited for base station applications. This device is assembled in hermetic metal/ceramic package. Sumitomo Electric's stringent Quality Assurance Program assures the highest reliability and consistent performance.
Datasheet ( PDF 334KB)

Frequency Band L
Series FLL
P1dB Typ. (dBm) 32.5
G1db.Typ (dB) 12.5
η add Typ.(%) 46
Fequency f (GHz) 2.3
VDS Typ.(V) 10
lDS(DC)Typ.(mA) 360
Rth Typ.(°C/W) 15
Note Tc(op)=+25°C
Further Information
S-Parameter *Login required
ApplicationNote Mounting Instructions for Packaged FETs and MMICs
(PDF 124KB)

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