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100Gbps application

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Part Number Peak Wavelength (nm) Pf (dBm) Min. Laser set tempareture
Extinction ratio (dB) Min. TEC power @ 75°C (W) Max. Case Tempareture
STN41UX 1295.56 to 1309.14 (*1) 0 35 to 50 6 1 -5 to 75

*1) LAN-WDM, ±0.7nm

25Gbps Receiver

Part Number Type Responsivity R (A/W) Typ. Transimpedance Zt (kΩ) Bandwidth BW@-3dB (GHz) Typ. Minimum Sensitivity Pr (dBm) Typ. Overload Pmax (dBm) Typ. Package Type
SPG72FV-LA/SS1 PIN 0.75 3 20 -10.5 5 LC ROSA with FPC

SOA(Semiconductor Optical Amplifier)

Part Number Wavelength Range (nm) Gain (dB/ch) Min. PDG (dB) Max. Saturation Power (dBm) Min. Noise Figure (dB) Max. Case Temp
Optical Interface
STW81HJ 1294 to 1311 14 2 7 10 -5 to 75 Pigtail (in & out), LC connector
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