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Part Number SGN26C320I2D
Class Power GaN > GaN HEMTs for Base Station  > Peak Stage of Doherty Amplifier
Outline / Package Code I2D
Function High Voltage - High Power GaN-HEMT
Description SEI's GaN-HEMT offers high efficiency, ease of matching, greater consistency and broad bandwidth for high power L-band amplifiers with 50V operation, and gives you higher gain.
This new product is ideally suited for use in 2.6GHz LTE design requirements as it offers high gain, long term reliability and ease of use.
Datasheet ( PDF 124KB)

Frequency (GHz) 2.6
Psat Typ.(dBm) 55.0
Gp Typ. (dB) 16
VDS (V) 50
Rth Typ.(°C/W) 1.2
Note TC(op)=+25°C Psat : 10%-duty RF pulse(DC supply constant) Gp : Pout=3dB backoff point, 10%-duty RF pulse(DC supply constant:IDS(DC)=10mA)

Package Information

I2D Package

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