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Part Number FLM4450-45F
Class Power GaAs > Internally Matched High Power GaAs FETs
Outline / Package Code IK
Function C-Band Internally Matched FET
Description The FLM4450-45F is a power GaAs FET that is internally matched for standard communication bands to provide optimum power and gain in a 50Ω system.
Datasheet ( PDF 283KB)

Frequency f (GHz) 4.4-5.0
P1dB Typ. (dBm) 46.5
G1db.Typ (dB) 10
η add Typ.(%) 41
VDS Typ.(V) 12
IDS (DC) Typ. (mA) 7000
IDS (RF) Typ. (mA) 8000
Rth Typ.(°C/W) 1.1
Feature/Application •50Ω internally matched •No external matching •Optimized for each frequency band
Note Tc(op)=+25°C

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