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Product Information



Part Number SMM5141XZ
Status Under Development
Class Power GaAs > Ku to Ka Band Converter MMICs
Outline / Package Code WLCSP
Function 17.7 - 23.6GHz Up converter MMIC
Description The ES/SMM5141XZ is a double balanced up converter MMIC for applications in the 17.7 to 23.6GHz frequency range. The device consists of a balanced resistive PHEMT mixer, LO amplifier and x2 multiplier in a flip chip form. The flip chip die can be used in solder reflow process. Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations' s stringent Quality Assurance Program assures the highest reliability and consistent performance.
Datasheet ( PDF 776KB)

RF Frequency f (GHz) 17.7-23.6
IF Frequency f (GHz) DC-4
Conversion Gain (dB) -12
3rd. Order Input Intercept Point IIP3 dBm 22
Drain-Source Voltage VDD (V) 5
IDD (DC) Typ. (mA) 100
Current Consumption (mA) 100
Function with Doubler, Up Converter
Note Tc=+25°C

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