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Product Information



Part Number FMM5703X
Class Power GaAs > Ku to V Band Low Noise Amplifier MMICs
Outline / Package Code Die
Function 24-32GHz LNA MMIC
Description The FMM5703X is a LNA MMIC designed for applications in the 24-32 GHz frequency range. This product is well suited for satellite communications, radio link, and applications where low noise and high dynamic range are required.
Datasheet ( PDF 1017KB)

Frequency Range f (GHz) 24-32
Output Power at 1dB G.C.P. P1dB dBm (Typ.) 9
Associated Gain Gas dB (Typ.) 18
Noise Figure NF dB (Typ.) 2
Drain-Source Voltage VDD (V) 3
IDD (DC) Typ. (mA) 20
Drain Current lDD mA (Typ.) 20
Application VSAT and Radio Link
Note Ta=+25°C

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